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Has anyone else noticed these?

There are some strange things going on lately. boxercise's chocolate nightmare and missing teeth, the bizarre vandalism in chocobarman's gym...I don't want to alarm anyone, but I have the feeling that these events are related. Maybe it's just because it's been raining all week and I have nothing better to do, but I can't get it out of my head!

Hmm...lil_mac_attack, have you noticed anything strange lately, regarding your mentor? I mean, stranger than usual?

Rain, rain, go away...

It hasn't stopped raining! I thought it would yesterday morning, and I was all set to go out for a jog or somesuch, because I haven't kept up on my training as it is. But no, it started right back up, and I got caught in the rain, and had to hold my hands over my head and run all the way back to my gym! Thankfully, it gave me the opportunity to clean up before opening hours.

So I started the last summer class I'm teaching! It's going very well so far, all ages, all levels of experience. I'm starting to think that I'm a better boxing teacher than I am an actual boxer, considering that my students have no problem beating me in order to graduate. For most of them, though, it isn't a career thing...I think most of them take it as a hobby. Or for self-defense. It helps that this is the only boxing academy in the city, hah!


Ah, sorry for the long silence, mes amis. The minute I came back to France, I fell over and got sick with a very nasty cold, if you can believe it...I haven't been able to do anything about anything! I don't mind going into the hospital with broken bones, but if I get a virus, I am simply unbearable.

Thankfully, I got a lovely package on my front step this morning! A great big case of medicine! It looks like releasethebogus sent it to me, which initially made me very concerned, but you know, it's just the sort of thing to clear me up. I feel perfectly fine now! I'll keep a couple bottles for myself (I wish I knew the brand of it...the wrapper is written all in Cyrillic) and maybe send the rest off, spread the love, that sort of thing. Hopefully none of the bottles will crack on the way.

(regalpotamus, you keep an eye on the mail! It's the least I can do to repay you!)

I'm home!!

La belle France! Ohh, to be back on French soil, with the support of my countrymen! How wonderful! And I can keep that shiv I made as a souvenir! I'm sure one day it may be worth something, even if I didn't have to use it.

Whew...well, I've finished unpacking and eaten some lunch. After a week of getting arrested and spending time in prison and being bailed out by King Hippo, I have something very important I need to do. Namely, I need to take a nap. Goodnight.

Prison countdown = Two days. Almost one!

I would have updated sooner, but it's quite difficult to get access to computers in jail, you know. There is usually such a long line, and it's very awkward to stand in when the man behind me keeps snickering about something and kind of...plucking at my shirt. And I think I know better than to pick too many fights in here. The swelling in my jaw hasn't gone down quite yet.

I do have some things on my mind, though...I'm looking forward to cooking with rojorosa on Saturday, but do people seriously think I have the money to pay for the cookout?! I was just finished counting my blessings about regalpotamus bailing me out. I can't ask him for money so soon! Maybe someone else can lend me some...

Oh, and one of the other inmates found this. Sadly, it's not the whole article, but it's something!

French boxer arrested in Brooklyn brawl

Crowds were shocked to see French boxer "Glass" Joe de Verre involved in an alteraction with an unknown assailant on Friday night outside Brooklyn's Club Element. The fight was apparently sparked by the assailant's attempt to take de Verre's wallet. According to witnesses, there was a struggle in which the mugger drew a knife, but was quickly disarmed and knocked out by France's Glass Jaw in what was described as a miracle. "It was crazy," a witness stated. "I made like two hundred bucks 'cause I was the only person who didn't bet on Glass Joe losing."

Jail isn't so bad after all!

Ha ha! It turns out that the majority of these thugs in prison are just amateur pugilists, so I am actually at an advantage! Even if many of them are, euh, larger and more terrifying than I am, they don't have the footwork or the discipline that a trained boxer does. Even if that boxer is me.

...all right, so I have another black eye, and fakeouts don't work quite as well when your opponent isn't actually another boxer...but still, it's certainly something! Haha, I haven't even been shanked yet! Take that, aran_ryan!

Thankfully, it looks as if I will be out and back home by Friday or so. Merci millefois to King Hippo, and to you too, Soda! Hopefully I won't need to take you up on that offer...

no no no no no

So...y-yes, I am in jail. I am in real American jail and I am terrified. The charges include--un moment, I'm looking at them right now--purchasing alcohol for minors, that makes sense...property damage?! I didn't...that was King Hippo! He was the one who destroyed half of the club! And--assault?! I don't even remember--when did I get into a fight?!

Oh god. Oh mon dieu, I am in REAL AMERICAN JAIL. In New York City. Am...am I going to die?! Ohhh this is going to be all over the newspapers in France..."disgraced boxer seen partying with minors, apparently destroys dance floor despite only weighing fifty kilograms..."

Oh thank goodness, they just got back to me with the bail amount. It's...mon dieu, it's five thousand dollars. That's over 3500 Euro! I-I can't be stuck in New York City, I have to be back in Europe within the week! C-can anyone help me? Please! N-Narcis? Macho Man? ...King Hippo?!

Updating from the hotel

Just arrived in la belle ville about an hour ago! Ahh, I'm looking forward to tonight! I think I will walk around, reacquaint myself with les boutiques, and maybe find some pizza, j'ai faim. boxercise, it's going to be us, Little Mac, Hippo, and Heike, yes? Where should we meet at 10?

also I'm not so sure this is really a 'date...'

Jul. 2nd, 2009

Bonjour, mes amis. Avez-vous des rêves bons?

[edit: Ah, I won't be able to make it to the Hugger/Hippo match tonight, quel dommage! Well, perhaps I can catch it on the reruns...nobody spoil it for me!]